Contech is a chemical company that operates in Brazil and in several other countries, mainly focused on supplying high-efficiency biodegradable chemicals.

Market leader for the pulp and paper segment in the felt and wire conditioning, the company is known for its activities in the development of patented and customized solutions, in addition to strongly acting in the control of contaminants of pulp and recycled, short and long, fibers.

Contech solutions can be applied in the pulp and paper manufacturing, and in mass preparation of the paper process.

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The center for development, research and technology maintains modern laboratory facilities besides keeping partnership agreements with companies and technological centers. Get to know our concept of innovation, which not only meets the market requirements and the technological trends but also guarantees the maximum quality of our products.

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We have a team of highly qualified technical professionals, who provide complete post-sale service.


One of the main differences of the solutions offered by Contech lies in the implementation of a patented thermodynamic system of application with standardized chemical cleaning processes.


Capacity to understand the needs and particularities of each customer, thus generating return on the investment.

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Since the beginning of our trajectory, marked by the development of a system for treatment of felt and wires, continuous or in batch, we hold a wide and quality reference portfolio, bringing excellent results for the pulp and paper industries.

The company offers many other differentiated services and solutions for the pulp and paper industries, such as: silicon and water-based defoamers; cooking aids; drainage aids; clarification aids; dispersants for contaminants control; anti-scale and chelating agents; sequestrants for the whitening process; caustification aids; viscosity maintenance aids; repulping aids; enzymatic additives for refining; felts and wires continuous and in batch clean up; batch cleaning of drying wires; preventive treatment for felts and forming wires; tissue softners; boil outs; effluents; dry and wet strength resins; optical brighteners.

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A global action that involves more than 120 worldwide assemblies.

Contech's expertise accumulated over more than 25 years in the market resulted in patents registrations in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

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The chemistry of innovation



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