The seriousness with which Contech carries out each of its works is realized through its solutions and customized services. The company’s success is based on customer satisfaction. In order to render it possible, the collaborators are fundamentally important, contributing to the maximum quality of the services rendered, following up and guaranteeing the efficiency in the application of the products. Based on the specialist assessment, the best solutions are created and analyzed, always focused on the specific needs of each case.

Contech applies the same know-how of the continuous clean-up of felts and wires in all of the solutions it offers. By means of a detailed study, pulp and paper manufacturers rely on live or online maintenance and follow-up of our team of professionals to point out the best solutions to meet customer's needs and generate effectiveness in the manufacturing processes applications. Studying each and every case and bringing a personalized solution is part of Contech's work philosophy aiming at improving the final product produced.

Serviços Técnicos


As important as the chemicals applied it is the application methodology. One of the main differences of the solutions offered by Contech lies in the implementation of a patented industrial cleaning system. Through Contech's exclusive systems, it is possible to design a continuous or timely chemical clean-up process that allows the standardization of the cleaning processes of felts and wires of paper and cellulose manufacturing machines.

Sistema Patenteado


The ability to understand the needs and particularities of each customer has made the company an important partner of the pulp and paper segment. The excellent return rates on the investment are the outcome of a detailed study conducted at the project preparation stage.

Produtos Customizados