At Contech, the entire commitment to research and development of a new solution is born in the center of development, research, and technology (CDT®). With the most modern laboratory facilities, and the hiring of masters and Ph.Ds. in chemical specialties, CDT® anticipates the technological trends to the market to guarantee the maximum quality of its products. Get to know our concept of innovation.

Always looking for new opportunities for the market, Contech deeply analyzes each need originated or addressed to the CDT®, where most of the various solutions are born and where every system or product takes form, being created and tested by capable professionals, who correctly define their most efficient means of implementation. Moreover, Contech holds partnerships with universities, which adds knowledge and favors the development of new trends and solutions.

Innovation and technology are an integral part of each work presented by Contech. To maintain this standard and follow towards sustainability solutions, our professionals put together the most advanced knowledge in nanotechnology and biotechnology, and when applied to products and services offer higher control and gather differentiated properties to the final results.

In the context of innovation, the processes applied in the company are also internally organized, by means of structured strategies combined with culture, and measured processes and results.

Propelled by innovation (pull and push) to anticipate the customer's needs, Contech is driven to meet demands that enhance productive capacity in the pulp and paper manufacture.

Customized Chemical

• Laboratory tests for the identification of contaminants;
• Development of specific product for each case;
• Biodegradable products that meet all the requirements of local and international environmental and governmental agencies.